At Sasscer, Clagett & Bucher we consider every case we handle a serious case. You can be assured that if you are charged with drunk driving, our attorneys will provide the same comprehensive, thorough defense warranted in any criminal case.

Alcohol related offenses such as DUI/DWI can result in loss of a license, higher insurance rates and even jail. These cases are time sensitive and require you to request a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge within a number of days to protect your privilege to drive in Maryland. We represent you at this hearing and are often able to protect your privilege to drive. You may be eligible for a license to get to and from work depending on your breath test, but this requires us to request a hearing first.

The two legal proceedings are not connected with exception, that if you receive points from the District Court, an additional hearing may occur before an Administrative Law Judge with regard to points and the ability to retain your privilege to drive.  The District Court Judge has the authority to give you probation before judgment in most cases to eliminate the points prevent your insurance rates from going up and allow you to go out of the courtroom without a conviction.  We take the steps necessary to require the breath technician to be present if you have taken a Breathalyzer test so that we may review all the facts in the case and find any deficiency which may allow you to win at trial or better negotiate your case in the courtroom.  We obtain police reports and go over them with you to verify their accuracy and the likelihood of your success at trial.

We will meet you at our office and take you through the questions that will be asked of you at court and what information you will be expected to discuss with the judge, as well as the, the background information we will need to provide during the process.  If you need to attend alcohol classes prior to going to court, what you should wear and how you should respond to the court’s questions will all be handled in the free consultation with our office.  Set up an appointment and we will take you through the complicated legal issues which take place before the District or Circuit Court as well as, the Motor Vehicle Administration.

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