Attorneys at Sasscer, Clagett & Bucher (SCB) assist clients in recovering insurance benefits, and represent policyholders in settlement negotiations, coverage disputes, and insurance bad faith claims.

Sasscer, Clagett & Bucher takes on a wide range of insurance claims disputes.

Sasscer, Clagett & Bucher handles cases involving:

  • homeowner’s insurance
  • auto insurance
  • fire insurance
  • personal liability insurance
  • health insurance
  • private disability insurance
  • business insurance

If you are involved in a coverage dispute, or would like to talk to one of our lawyers about your accident injury claim, please call 301-627-5500 or e-mail our office to arrange a consultation. We meet with clients in offices in Upper Marlboro and La Plata.

Free consultation and claim evaluation

If you have questions about a claim resulting from an insurance claim, we invite you to call 301-627-5500 or e-mail our office to arrange a consultation with one of our insurance claims lawyers. We serve clients throughout Maryland from offices in Upper Marlboro and La Plata.

An insurance policy is a contract. If you have paid your premiums, the insurance company is required to provide the benefits and compensation specified by the policy. If your insurance company has denied a proper claim or has failed to pay your benefits in a timely manner, you may have a claim for insurance bad faith. We invite you to contact our Upper Marlboro office to arrange to speak with a lawyer with experience in insurance bad faith claims and coverage disputes.

In a case involving a serious personal injury, it is extremely important, to maximize your right to full compensation for your loss, that you do not make any statement to any insurance representative or agree to a settlement offer without the advice of your attorney.

A serious injury may entitle you to benefits under insurance policies or plans, including your health insurance, PIP (personal injury protection), uninsured motorist, underinsured motorist, Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security Disability, and medical liability provisions. The array of potential benefits can be confusing and lead to errors, such as missing a filing deadline or failing to identify a responsible party. Making sure that all of these potential resources are investigated is very important to your financial recovery. Our lawyers and staff assist our clients at every step of the process, seeing that they get coverage through assignments and authorizations, and negotiating liens and paybacks.